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Best Event and Photo Booth Printer

Citizen Dye Sublimation Printers 

Are you searching for the perfect Events or Photo Booth Printer for your professional photo printing needs? Look no further than the Citizen Photo Printers! Renowned for their exceptional dye sublimation technology, these photo printers deliver top-notch quality and instant photo printing. Whether it’s for commercial photo printing or personal home printing, Citizen’s professional photo printer is the ideal choice. Not only does it produce high-quality prints, but it’s also incredibly economical, making it a cost-effective solution for event organizers and digital photo studios.

By utilizing the ribbon reward function, this thermal photo printer efficiently uses the printer media. Consequently, it allows for more prints compared to other models on the market. Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming printing processes—Citizen Photo Printers are here to revolutionize your photo printing experience.

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Why Choosing Citizen Photo Printers?

The Citizen digital photo printer is a premium-made product renowned for its exceptional quality, rivaling any other photo printing machine on the market. Its versatility is evident through two distinct printing modes: High-Quality Mode and High-Speed Mode. This feature caters to both commercial and individual users, allowing for flexible printing tailored to specific customer needs.

Another standout feature is its array of finishing options, including Glossy, Luster, and Matte, providing users with diverse media choices for their prints. Serving as the exclusive dealer for Citizen System’s photo printing division in the Middle East and African regions, Kepler Tech ensures direct access to company services and the best deals available, solidifying its reputation as a reliable provider in the photo printing industry.

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Best Dye-Sublimation Printer for Professional Photo Printing

Citizen photo printers have emerged as the recent top choice in the realm of dye sublimation photo printing. Ideal for event and wedding photography, on-site photo booths, and digital studios, these printers offer unparalleled versatility. They stand out as superior alternatives to Mitsubishi, Hiti, and DNP photo printers, boasting superior performance and cost-effectiveness. With Citizen printers, photographers can achieve remarkable results, making them a go-to solution for professional-grade instant photo printing needs.

Key Product Features

Compact and Portable Photo Printer

Compact and Portability

Citizen dye sub-printers impress with its lightweight and compact design, facilitating easy transport for on-site printing. Its small size enables seamless integration into cramped spaces, enhancing convenience for various printing environments.

Quick and easy media changing

Quick and Easy Media Changing

Experience seamless printing in busy work settings with Epson user-friendly dye sub printer. Its drop-in paper loading and easy ribbon handling ensure quick media changes, letting you restart printing effortlessly in seconds.

Multiple finishing options

Multiple Finishing Options

Unlock versatile printing capabilities with Citizen Photo printers, offering multiple finishing options without media changes. Print glossy, luster, or matte finishes to suit your specific needs, offering versatility and convenience in one reliable device.

Eco Friendly Photo Printer

Eco Friendly Photo Printing

Maximize energy efficiency with Citizen Printers featuring Sleep mode, reducing power consumption by up to 98%. This innovative feature activates after periods of inactivity, seamlessly transitioning the printer to a low-power state.

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Frequently Asking Questions

What is the difference between dye sublimation and inkjet photo printing?

Dye sublimation uses heat to transfer dye onto a substrate, resulting in continuous-tone prints. Meanwhile, inkjet printing sprays liquid ink onto paper, producing variable droplet sizes for image formation.

What will be the printing capacity of the Citizen CX02 photo printer?

The printing capacity of the Citizen CX02 photo printer varies based on the print size:

  • 4 x 6 inches, 400 sheets
  • 5 x 7 inches, 230 sheets per roll
  • 6 x 8 inches, 200 sheets per roll
  • 6 x 9 inches, 180 sheets per roll

What are all the possible print sizes available in the Citizen CY02 Printer?

The Citizen CY02 Printer offers print sizes of 4 x 6 inches (101 x 152 mm) and 6 x 8 inches (152 x 203 mm) to accommodate various printing needs.

What are the printing resolutions available for Citizen Photo printers?

Citizen Photo printers offer two printing resolutions: 300 dpi and 600 dpi. Consequently, these resolutions ensure high-quality prints with sharp details and vibrant colors.

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