Best Wireless Event Photo Printing Solution

Introducing AirCastPro II, the ultimate wireless event photo printing solution. This wireless print server transforms your USB Dye-Sub photo printer into a wireless powerhouse, enabling access from any device on the network. Perfect for professional photographers on the move, whether capturing moments at on-site events, enhancing photo booth experiences, or conducting studio sessions with ease, the print server ensures seamless connectivity across all your devices. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms. Its innovative features set it apart from other print servers. Enjoy Overcoat Watermarking, Visual Paper Gauge, Printer Pooling, Border Printing, and the lightning-fast HEIPr Engine, all designed to elevate your printing workflow.

Tailored specifically for leading printer brands such as Sinfonia, Mitsubishi, Hiti, FujiFilm, DNP, Sony, Shinko, and Citizen Photo Printers, AirCastPro II guarantees compatibility and reliability. As an authorized dealer in the United Arab Emirates, Kepler Tech invites you to discover the power of the AirCastPro II – Wireless Print Server. Contact us today to learn more about the product and schedule a personalized demo. Embrace the freedom of wireless photo printing solutions with AirCastPro II – your gateway to enhanced productivity and creativity.