AirCastPro II Express Edition – Wireless Print Server


Experience the future of photo printing with AirCastPro II Express Edition. This cutting-edge mobile and desktop wireless printer server redefines convenience. Enable AirPrint for dye-sub photo printers and transform photo booth moments into instant memories. Elevate your events effortlessly with the AirCastPro II – where innovation meets simplicity.

  • High-speed HEIPr™ Engine
  • Wireless printing for dye sub-photo printers
  • Auto-discovery and configuration
  • Drag and Drop Hot folder Printing
  • Border Printing & Reprint Gallery
  • Visual Paper Gauge & Overcoat Watermarking
  • Multi-platform compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux

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AirCastPro II: Wireless Printing for Event Photography

The AirCastPro II – Express Edition was the best available wireless print server on the market, providing a wireless event photo printing solution for event organizers and digital photo studio owners. Elevate your printing experience with AirCastPro, meticulously crafted for seamless operation with dye sub-photo printers and photo booths. With Airprint functionality, effortlessly connect and print from any device, be it iOS, Windows, or Linux. This product is not just a server; it’s a solution tailored to meet the demands of event photographers who seek efficiency and versatility. Embrace the future of printing technology and make every event memorable with AirCastPro II Express Edition. Here, innovation meets customer satisfaction.

Below are the comprehensive product features, along with explanations of how each feature provides benefits to the user.

AirCastPro II - Event Photography

Key Highlighting Features

1. Printer Auto Discovery: AirCastPro simplifies the process of setting up your printer. Just connect it, and consequently, the software will automatically identify and configure the printer for you.

2. Hotfolder Printing: AirCastPro offers a convenient way to print images. By dragging and dropping your images into designated hotfolders, the printing process becomes quick, easy, and hassle-free.

3. HEIPR Engine: AirCastPro II has introduced the HEIPR Engine, an exceptionally fast imaging engine that surpasses its predecessor. Furthermore, the engine is known for its speed, as demonstrated in benchmark tests.

4. Remaining Paper at a Glance: The software provides a visual paper gauge in your printer’s listing, allowing you to easily check how much paper is remaining in your printer.

5. Overcoat Watermarking: For compatible Citizen and DNP Printers, AirCastPro allows users to add custom overcoat watermarks to their prints, enhancing customization options.

6. Reprint Gallery: If you need to reprint an image, the Reprint Gallery feature enables you to view the image, choose the number of prints, and even change the printer if necessary.

7. More Languages: AirCastPro supports a wide range of 19 languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Turkish, Korean, and Hungarian.

8. Printer ICC: Users can now select from various color profiles associated with their printer, enhancing color management options for more precise and customized printing.

9. Print Pools: Create printer pools by combining different printers. This feature is particularly useful for high-output events where multiple printers can be utilized simultaneously.

10. Instant Borders: AirCastPro can automatically add borders to your prints, providing a quick and seamless way to enhance the visual presentation of your printed images.


Inside AirCastPro: A Closer Look at its Features

Easy and Intuitive Setup

Discover seamless printing with AirCastPro II – where setup is a breeze! Simply connect your printer, and let AirCastPro II handle the rest. This intuitive solution is perfect for both beginners and seasoned users. Unlock a plethora of features, including custom printer instances, print pools, instant borders, watermarks, built-in hotspots, and wifi compatibility. AirCastPro II effortlessly syncs with iOS®, iPad OS™, Android®, Mac®, Windows®, and Linux systems, ensuring a smooth printing experience for everyone.

Internet and Hotspot

AirCastPro II presents a dedicated built-in hotspot with customizable SSID and password options, ensuring a secure and personalized network environment. Internet access via the AirCastPro II hotspot is facilitated through an external Wi-Fi network, easily configurable in the General settings page. Additionally, Ethernet connectivity is an alternative for linking to an external network. AirCastPro II extends its print services across all available network interfaces, enhancing flexibility and accessibility for seamless printing experiences.

HEIPr™ Engine

AirCastPro II introduces the cutting-edge HEIPr™ Engine, surpassing its predecessor in speed and efficiency. The HEIPr™ Engine processes images at double the speed for smaller images and up to twenty-five times faster for larger ones. Handling tasks such as adding borders, resizing, cropping, and converting various image formats into a printable format, the HEIPr™ Engine ensures swift and optimal image processing. Generally recommended to be kept active, as it significantly enhances  printing experience. 

Printer Pool: High Volume with Ease

A Printer Pool in AirCastPro – Wireless print server optimizes printing efficiency by grouping printers for streamlined job processing through load balancing. When printing to a pool, the system automatically routes the job to an available printer or one with the least workload. This dynamic allocation ensures continuous workflow by redirecting tasks from printers facing errors. Despite being part of a Printer Pool, individual printers remain selectable. You can add diverse printers to a pool, emphasizing the need for matching page output settings. Priority is given to the fastest printer, and creating a Printer Pool necessitates at least one printer configured in AirCastPro.

Improved Visual Tools

The print queue on this wireless print server provides a comprehensive overview. Additionally, it includes thumbnails of incoming images, ongoing print counts, printer or print pool assignments, and individual print statuses. This real-time display facilitates efficient monitoring of the entire printing process. Meanwhile, the Printer List offers a concise summary of configured printers and print pools, including media levels. These visual cues enhance the user experience, enabling quick and easy assessment of printer statuses at a glance.

Drag and Drop Printing

Hot folder printing simplifies the image-to-print process by allowing users to copy images into a designated folder, prompting AirCastPro II to automatically print them. Hot folder printing is compatible with both laptops and desktop computers, as well as iOS® and iPad OS® (iOS® version 13 or greater). This versatility makes it suitable for various workflows. Ideal for photographers regularly downloading images for printing or users leveraging photo apps. Furthermore, this method provides a seamless transition from digital files to physical prints with ease.

Certified wireless print server

Reprint Gallery

The Reprint Gallery in AirCastPro showcases previous print jobs, prioritizing the most recent entries. While each image aims to match its assigned printer, users have the flexibility to choose from any currently configured printer in AirCastPro II. They can then set the desired number of copies. Easy management is provided, allowing for individual deletion of images. Alternatively, users have the option to clear the entire Reprint Gallery in one go, providing convenient control over their print history.

Mobile and Wireless Scanner

Instant Border Printing

AirCastPro II wireless print server enhances the user experience with customizable borders for instant printing, a feature introduced since the initial AirCastPro™ release. This functionality has been seamlessly integrated into Printer Pooling. Additionally, users have the flexibility to set borders for both portrait and landscape orientations. The system’s intelligent orientation detection ensures the automatic selection of the appropriate border. Users printing exclusively in one orientation can easily apply the corresponding border, leaving the other orientation without a border for streamlined customization.

Overcoat Watermarking

Overcoat Watermarking, featured in AirCastPro™II, allows users to embed an image into the print finish, a technique commonly seen in official IDs and copyrighted materials. This discreet enhancement introduces subtle “dull” areas, like a logo shape, onto the glossy print surface. The effect becomes prominent under specific lighting conditions, adding a touch of sophistication. This feature is seamlessly available for most DNP and Citizen Photo Printers. Additionally, it offers users the opportunity to elevate the visual appeal of their prints with a personalized watermark.

Product Frequently Asking Questions

AirCastPro has dedicated dealers for specific regions. Kepler Tech is the official dealer in the Middle East region, and we are the company’s authorized dealer, undergoing rigorous certifications to ensure top-notch service. Contact us for inquiries and superior AirCastPro support. Elevate your experience with dedicated assistance from knowledgeable professionals.

AirCastPro is compatible with a range of printers, including Sinfonia, Citizen, Mitsubishi, Hiti, FujiFilm, and DNP. Enjoy seamless integration with these trusted printer brands to enhance your printing experience with AirCastPro

AirCastPro™ offers versatile compatibility, supporting iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the majority of Linux operating systems.

When setting up two printers, prioritize the fastest (primary) printer for optimal performance. To activate printer pooling, send multiple photos simultaneously.

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 18 × 24 × 6 cm

Brand AirCasrPro
Category Wireless Print Server
Package Dimension 18 X 24 X 6
Package Weight  0.600 kG
Compactable Dye Sub Printers
  • Citizen Photo Printers
  • Sinfonia
  • Hiti Photo Printers
  • Kodak Photo Printers
  • DNP Photo Printers
  • Sony
  • Fujifilm
  • Mitsubishi
  • Shinko

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