C13T50UF00 Epson Singlepack UltraChrome XD3 Red Ink


Experience unparalleled printing precision with the C13T50UF00 Epson Singlepack UltraChrome XD3 Red Ink. Specially designed for technical large-format printers, this ink cartridge ensures vivid red tones and impeccable detailing. Elevate your creative output with Epson’s cutting-edge technology, setting a new standard in professional-quality prints.

  • Original Epson Consumable
  • Ink Technology: UltraChrome XD3
  • Color: Red
  • Capacity: 350 ml
  • SKU: C13T50UF00
  • Global delivery is available*

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Singlepack UltraChrome XD3 Red T50UF (350ml)

Elevate your printing experience with the C13T50UF00 Epson Singlepack UltraChrome XD3 Red Ink. Furthermore, it is an integral component of the esteemed Epson T50 series ink collection. Specifically crafted for use in Epson large format printers, this technical ink cartridge stands out as a reliable choice for professionals in the design, architecture, and construction industries.

Unleash your creativity with confidence, as the UltraChrome XD3 Red Ink delivers vibrant red tones and intricate detailing, ideal for printing detailed plans and drawings. Its precision ensures that every line and shade is faithfully reproduced, meeting the exacting standards of the design and construction industries. Moreover, more than a color powerhouse, this ink cartridge provides a shield for confidential documents. Professionals can rely on the UltraChrome XD3 Red Ink not only for its exceptional output but also for the assurance that sensitive information remains secure.

Compatible Epson Printers

Below are the printers recommended by Epson for achieving the best results.

Our commitment to global accessibility means that the UltraChrome XD3 Red Ink is available for delivery across the Middle East, including Dubai, the UAE, Oman, and the KSA. Wherever your projects take you, trust Epson for consistent quality and performance. Additionally, choose the C13T50UF00 Epson Singlepack UltraChrome XD3 Red Ink for a seamless blend of innovation and reliability. Redefine your large-format printing experience with a product designed to meet the unique demands of professionals who prioritize precision and confidentiality in every print.

Download the Epson safety data sheet for this specific ink here.



Brand Epson
Ink Type Pigment
Container Type Ink Cartridges
Color  Red
Capacity  350 ml
Package Dimension
Package Weight
SKU  C13T50UF00
Compatible Epson Printers
  • Epson SC-T3700E
  • Epson SC-T3700D
  • Epson SC-T3700DE
  • Epson SC-T5700D
  • Epson SC-T5700DM
  • Epson SC-T7700D
  • Epson SC-T7700DM

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