OLM 72 Olmec Photo Metallic Luster 260gsm


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The inkjet photo paper is coated with bright white resin and has a metallic finish that shimmers. It also has a slightly stippled microporous coating with a lustre that enhances color saturation, gamut, and D-max.

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Olmec Photo Metallic Lustre 260gsm

Introducing the OLM 72 Olmec Photo Metallic Luster 260gsm, the perfect choice for photographers and artists seeking a unique and captivating touch to their prints. This high-quality metallic luster paper enhances the visual impact of your images, subsequently adding depth, vibrancy, and an exquisite sheen that will leave viewers in awe. The metallic luster finish elevates your prints, creating a stunning visual effect that adds an extra dimension to your work. Each stroke of your brush or click of your camera comes to life as the metallic particles in the paper interact with light, producing a mesmerizing shimmering effect that enhances your artwork’s overall impact.

Moreover, OLM 72 Olmec Photo Metallic Luster 260gsm uses archival-grade materials, guaranteeing long-lasting prints. Its fade-resistant properties preserve your creations, allowing vibrant colors and rich tones to endure for years. Invest in the Olmec Photo Metallic Lustre 260gsm today and unlock a whole new world of artistic possibilities. Transform your images into captivating masterpieces that will captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression. With this premium metallic luster paper, your prints will exude brilliance and sophistication, making them truly unforgettable.

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Brand Innova
Basic Weight (gsm) 260
Base Material Resin Coated
Surface Finish Lustre, Metallic
Surface Texture Smooth
OBA Content Yes
Ink Compatibility Pigment and Dye Ink (Aqueous)
Application Inkjet Fine Art and Photo Prints

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