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Explore the world of Innova Canvas Inkjet Papers, a collection created especially for those who appreciate high-quality inkjet photo printing. In this thoughtfully chosen assortment, you will find canvases designed specifically for digital printing. Each canvas in this range features a woven base and a specially formulated coating that’s compatible with inkjet printing. These canvases open the door to a world of creative opportunities, ensuring that your artwork, photographs, or signs come to life with exceptional detail and vivid colors. Whether you are an artist, photographer, or business owner, our canvases are the perfect blank canvas you have been looking for to transform your vision into captivating displays.

Best Canvas For Inkjet Printers

For added convenience, all Innova eco-solvent canvases come with scratch-resistant surfaces, making them perfect for banners, signs, or decorative displays that will be placed in high-traffic areas. You can find Innova inkjet canvases in various roll widths, allowing you to create displays in different sizes. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose from a range of surface finishes, from matte to ultra-glossy, which are ideal for making canvas wall art or impressive photo canvas displays.

Whether you’re printing fine art, stunning photography, or informative signage, rest assured that our team of dedicated chemists has carefully designed each Innova canvas to provide a wide range of colors and achieve an exceptional Dmax rating. Innova Canvas Inkjet Papers are here to enhance your printing experience. Experience the highest quality, versatility, and durability as you explore the endless possibilities of our canvas collection, compatible with any pigment and dye-based inkjet printer.