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Designed specifically for small businesses and start-ups aiming to broaden their range of products in the promotional goods industry, Introducing Epson’s inaugural A4 dye sublimation printer, the SC-F100. Designed with the compact size of a standard A4 desktop printer, this remarkable device is ideal for manufacturing promotional items and personalized gifts, including mugs, key fobs, phone covers, and various small merchandise items, especially when space is limited. Additionally, it caters to the demands of textile manufacturers seeking to produce custom-made products like small bags, aprons, lanyards, and cushions.

  • Printing Method: PrecisionCore™ Micro TFP Printhead
  • Ink Technology: Dye Sublimation
  • Colors: Black, Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta
  • Printing Resolution: 600 x 1,200 dpi
  • Applications: Personalized Gift Printing, T-Shirt Printing, and all other sublimation printing

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The Epson SureColor SC F100 Sublimation Printer incorporates an Epson PrecisionCore Thin Film print head equipped with micro-fine nozzles. This enables the creation of high-resolution images with exceptional precision. Powered by Epson Precision Dot Technology, it ensures precise and consistent color reproduction with excellent density and improved tonal expression. The printer offers various print modes, catering to different quality requirements and production speeds. It is well-suited for diverse applications, such as art and photography. Additionally, it is ideal for signage (both rigid and flexible), limited edition merchandise, and decorations, as well as custom fabric and clothing production.

The SC F100 Printer utilizes a straightforward 4-color imaging system. The advanced UltraChrome Dye Sub ink and the print head deliver exceptional output. This combination minimizes production costs and improves mechanical reliability. When subjected to sublimation, it achieves a color gamut that matches or surpasses competing solutions that employ more inks. The printer produces images with impressive light fastness and wash fastness, ensuring resistance to damage from abrasion and perspiration. Moreover, when applied to polyester fabrics, the material complies with the latest Oeko-Tex Eco Passport® standard, ensuring safe use for adults, children, and babies.

SC F100 Wireless printing
Epson SC F100 Ink Refilling

Best A4 Dye Sublimation Printer

High Quality: Epson uses a PrecisionCore print head and UltraChrome Dye Sub ink for high-quality imaging with resolutions up to 600 x 1200 dpi. Epson Precision Dot Technology allows for prints that exhibit smooth gradations, a wider range of colors, and minimal grain.

Simple to Operate: The control panel tilts and adjusts, featuring a color LCD screen and push-button functionality. It comes with a driver that allows seamless operation with popular graphic and photo editing software.

Easy to Install: This device is highly compact and can be mounted on a desktop. It comes with over 1 liter of ink and 300 pages of media. You can operate it flexibly using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB networking.

High Productivity: The device includes a tank system and a tray with a capacity of 150 sheets, capable of printing an A4 page in just 65 seconds.

Low Running Costs: It has extremely low power usage, and users can replenish it with economical bottled ink.

Superior Reliability: The product includes a manufacturer’s warranty, extendable up to 3 years, with optional Cover Plus for additional protection.

Adaptable Workflow

Epson Sublimation Printer aims to replace traditional screen printing, providing a simpler, more cost-effective solution for short-to-medium production runs. It requires less labor, uses fewer materials, and generates less waste. The use of digital imaging makes content creation and editing simpler, leading to output that is more accurate and adaptable. The streamlined and productive production process enables quicker job completion and effortless replication at the touch of a button. This method is suitable for fabrics with a high polyester content and hard surface materials. Moreover, it applies to materials that can withstand moderate levels of heat and pressure using a polyester spray. Create diverse products such as fabric and photo items, metal signs, phone covers, custom clothing (T-shirt Printing), wall décor, and home accessories.

Inks used in Epson SC F100 & F500 Printer
Epson Sublimation Ink

Eco-Friendly Fabric Printing

Epson designed the DS Fabric series specifically to ensure reliable and cost-effective performance. The SC F100 model comes with a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) that users can easily refill using affordable 140-ml bottles (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow). The engine has very low power usage and can also go into sleep or standby modes which helps to decrease operating expenses even more. Additionally, the printer is shipped with both ink and media included. It also comes with a driver that enables seamless integration with commonly used graphic software.

The Epson SC F100 printer is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS when connected to a PC. It is remarkably small and lightweight, occupying less than 0.15 m2 of space. The printer supports both wired and wireless networking options. It is designed to work seamlessly with a compact flat sheet or merchandise-style heat press. The printer includes a user-friendly multi-page input tray and an extendable output tray.

For a comprehensive overview of the technical specifics of this printer, refer to the provided product datasheet. You can also access additional support materials via the Product Support link.

Product Frequently Asking Questions

The Epson SureColor SC F100 is a professional-grade sublimation printer designed specifically for sublimation printing. It’s capable of producing high-quality, vibrant prints on various substrates using the sublimation ink and transfer paper process.

The printer offers a 600 x 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) printing resolution, ensuring sharp and detailed prints.

The printer package includes a set of starter sublimation ink cartridges. However, sublimation paper is typically purchased separately.

Certainly, the Epson SureColor F100 is well-suited for catering to the needs of small to medium-sized commercial printing ventures. It particularly excels in tasks like personalized sublimation printing and producing short-run items.

Yes, the SureColor F100 typically offers wireless connectivity options, allowing you to send print jobs to the printer without the need for direct physical connections.

Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 34.7 × 37.5 × 18.7 cm

Printing Method PrecisionCore™ Micro TFP printhead
Ink Technology Dye Sublimation
Number of colors 4 colour
Colors Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta
Minimum Droplet Size 3.8 pl
Printing Resolution 600 x 1,200 DPI
Paper Formats A4 (21.0x29.7 cm)
Product dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 37.5 x 34.7 x 18.7 cm
Product weight 4.6 kg
SKU C11CJ80301
EAN 8715946690667
What’s in the box
  • Power cable
  • Ink set
  • Warranty Documents
  • User guide
Warranty 12 months Carry in Optional warranty extension available
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  1. Antony

    Just got the Epson SureColor F100 sublimation printer and it’s awesome! My prints look amazing with vivid colors and clear details. Setting up was easy, and it runs smoothly. Perfect for creative folks who want top-notch printing.


  2. yadhukrishnan

    We received the delivery yesterday at our Abu Dhabi office. This Epson sublimation printer is truly impressive and highly efficient. I believe it will be perfect for my upcoming projects. In terms of price and dealer support, I am very satisfied. I highly recommend this Epson dealer.