Korejet Premium Glossy Photo Paper 260 gsm


Introducing the Korejet Premium Glossy Photo Paper 260 gsm—the ultimate choice for transforming your digital images into tangible works of art. This exceptional photo paper sets a new standard in printing, ensuring that your pictures are brought to life with stunning detail and brilliant, true-to-life colors.  Relive your moments in print with confidence, as the high-resolution results and robust construction make this photo paper ideal for framing, creating stunning albums, or sharing your memories with friends and family. Choose excellence; choose Korejet for a photo printing experience that truly stands out.

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Premium Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper

Discover the pinnacle of photo printing perfection with Korejet Premium Glossy Photo Paper, 260 gsm. Elevate your printing endeavors with this superior, professional-grade photo paper, meticulously crafted to breathe life into your cherished memories. Dive into a realm of vivid colors and intricate details, all thanks to the meticulous precision and care infused into each sheet. The creators meticulously crafted the Korejet Premium Glossy Photo Paper to meet the high standards of photographers, artists, and enthusiasts who demand perfection in every print.With a substantial weight of 260 gsm, this paper not only offers a luxurious feel but also adds a touch of sophistication to your photographs.

The exceptional photo paper boasts a glossy finish that truly transforms your images, enhancing their vibrant colors and leaving a lasting impression. Whether you’re printing family portraits, cherished vacation snapshots, or professional photographs, the Korejet Premium Glossy Photo Paper consistently delivers outstanding results. It offers a brilliant shine comparable to traditional photo prints, making your images stand out. One of its remarkable features is its compatibility with most inkjet printers, including renowned brands like Epson, HP, and Canon. The paper’s high color gamut faithfully reproduces the entire spectrum of colors, preserving the authenticity of your original images.

Invest in the Korejet Premium Glossy Photo Paper 260 gsm for a printing experience that transcends the ordinary. Unleash the full potential of your images, whether they are for personal enjoyment or professional displays. Elevate your prints to gallery-worthy status with this premium photo paper, turning every image into a true masterpiece.

Media Handling and Printing Directions 

To ensure the longevity and quality of your Korejet Premium Glossy Photo Paper, first and foremost, it’s vital to protect it from direct sunlight and moisture. Additionally, if you store the paper in a separate room from your printer, it’s advisable to let it adapt to the room’s climate before opening the packaging. Ideally, allow for a resting period of at least one day. This helps prevent potential issues, such as moisture absorption or excessive curling, especially when using media that has been stored in colder conditions.

Furthermore, if you place media in a cold environment, make sure to use it promptly. This is because it could potentially gather moisture or exhibit excessive curling. For optimal results, we recommend printing at a temperature of 23°C (73°F) and maintaining a relative humidity level of 50%. Adhering to these conditions will help ensure that your prints are of the highest quality and that your paper remains in optimal condition.

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Product Code KJ-P260PGXX
Available Sizes 17”, 24”, 36”, 44” and 60” X30Metre Roll- 3” Core
Product Name Premium Photo Paper
Surface Finish Photo Gloss
Media Color Bright White
Thickness 243μm (+/-5)
Weight 260gsm (+/-10)
Drying Behavior Instant Dry
Gloss (BYK) 60° 17%+/-5
Opacity High Opacity
CIE Whiteness D65/10° >135
Package Dimension
Package Weight
Printer Compatibility Canon, Epson, HP,

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