Korejet Premium Luster Photo Paper 260GSM


Introducing the Korejet Premium Luster Photo Paper 260gsm—your gateway to transforming cherished memories into stunning, professional-quality prints. Meticulously crafted with precision and passion, this high-grade photo paper is meticulously designed to elevate your photography to a whole new level. With this premium-luster photo paper, you can confidently print your family portraits, vacation snapshots, or artistic masterpieces, as it impeccably reproduces your images with remarkable detail and depth. Your photos will burst to life, displaying vibrant colors and intricate details, making them suitable for framing, gifting, or preserving in albums.

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Premium Luster Inkjet Photo Paper

Korejet Premium Luster Photo Paper 260GSM is engineered for longevity. Your memories deserve to be preserved, and this photo paper does just that.  This high-quality photo paper boasts a bright white resin-coated surface, featuring a cutting-edge microporous inkjet coating, and a semi-glossy luster texture. The results are simply stunning. When you print on our Luster Photo Paper, you will witness your images come to life with unparalleled brilliance. Colors pop with vibrancy, and even the finest details shine through, whether you are capturing a majestic landscape or a captivating portrait.

One of the standout features of this photo paper is its quick-drying nature, offering resistance against smudging and water splashes.The prints it produces exhibit exceptional sharpness, neutral and crystal-clear whites, vivid colors, and deep blacks. The luster surface minimizes pesky reflections, making your prints more durable against fingerprints and scratches.

What’s more, Korejet Premium Luster Photo Paper is fully compatible with Epson, Canon, and HP inkjet printers. So, whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a professional, this premium photo paper is your ideal choice for preserving the beauty of your images for generations to come.

Media Handling and Printing Directions

To ensure the longevity and quality of your prints, it’s vital to shield the paper from direct sunlight and moisture. If you store the paper in a room separate from your printer, it’s essential to allow it to adapt to the ambient climatic conditions before opening the packaging, ideally for at least one day. This precautionary step is crucial because media stored in cold conditions and used immediately might accumulate moisture or exhibit excessive curling, which can affect the printing process negatively.

For optimal results with Korejet Luster Photo Paper 260GSM, we recommend printing at a room temperature of 23°C (73°F) and maintaining a relative humidity of 50%. These specific conditions contribute significantly to achieving the best printing outcomes, ensuring your prints retain their vibrancy and sharpness. By following these guidelines, you can safeguard the quality of your prints and enjoy outstanding results with every use.

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Product Code KJ-P260PLXX
Available Sizes 17”, 24”, 36”, 44” and 60” X 30Metre Roll – 3” Core
Product Name Premium Photo Paper
Surface Finish Premium Lustre
Media Color Bright White
Thickness 243μm (+/-5)
Weight 260gsm (+/-10)
Drying Behavior Instant Dry
Gloss (BYK) 60° 17%+/-5
Opacity High Opacity
CIE Whiteness D65/10° >135
Package Dimension
Package Weight
Printer Compatibility Canon, Epson, HP

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