C13T44J340 Epson Singlepack Vivid Magenta UltraChrome PRO12 700ml


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Refill your large-format printer with Epson’s Singlepack Vivid Magenta T44J340 UltraChrome PRO 12 700ml. Due to its pigment-based composition, this ink is suitable for presentation and archival applications and can produce prints that last up to 400 years in black and white when used with the right media.

  • Original Epson Consumable
  • Color: Vivid Magenta
  • Capacity: 700 ml
  • SKU: C13T44J340
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Singlepack Vivid Magenta T44J340 UltraChrome PRO 12 700ml

The C13T44J340 Epson Singlepack Vivid Magenta UltraChrome PRO12 700ml Ink produces high-quality ink designed for professional printing applications. Epson formulated this cartridge specifically to deliver vibrant and vivid magenta colors with exceptional accuracy and clarity. With a generous capacity of 700ml, this ink cartridge ensures long-lasting performance and minimizes the need for frequent replacements, allowing for uninterrupted printing and increased productivity. It is compatible with a range of Epson SureColor printers, thereby making it a versatile choice for various printing needs. The UltraChrome PRO 12 ink technology employed in this cartridge guarantees an outstanding color gamut and excellent color stability. Consequently, it results in prints that captivate viewers with their lifelike and vibrant hues. Additionally, the ink is engineered to resist fading, ensuring that your prints retain their brilliance for extended periods of time.

The C13T44J340 cartridge is designed to be easy to install and use, providing a hassle-free printing experience. It utilizes advanced inkjet technology to deliver precise and sharp details, making it ideal for printing photographs, fine art prints, and other graphics-intensive projects. The C13T44J340 Epson Singlepack Vivid Magenta UltraChrome PRO12 700ml Ink Cartridge is a reliable and high-performance solution. Moreover, it guarantees exceptional print quality and color accuracy, making it ideal for professional photographers, graphic designers, or creative enthusiasts. It is the perfect choice for those seeking professional-grade results that truly stand out.

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You can download the safety data sheet for this specific Epson ink from here: Epson MSDS

SKU: C13T44J340 Category: Tags: , ,
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 13 × 6 cm

Brand Epson
Product Type Large Format Printer Ink
Container Type Inkjet Cartridge
Volume 700 ml
Product Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height in cm ) 13 x 36 x 6(in cm)
Weight 1 Kg
SKU C13T44J340
EAN/UPC 8715946668048
Color Vivid Magenta
Compatible Epson Printers SureColor SC-P9500 Spectro

SureColor SC-P9500

SureColor SC-P7500 Spectro

SureColor SC-P7500

Ink Type Pigment Based


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