C13T48U100 Epson Singlepack UltraChrome Pro 6 Photo Black Ink


Introducing the C13T48U100 Epson Singlepack UltraChrome Pro 6 Photo Black Ink, a pinnacle of excellence in ink technology. Crafted for photographers who demand nothing short of perfection, this ink delivers rich, true-to-life blacks with remarkable longevity. Elevate your print quality and unleash your creativity with Epson’s unrivaled precision.

  • Original Epson Consumable
  • Color: Photo Black
  • Capacity: 350 ml
  • SKU: C13T48U100
  • Global delivery is available*

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Singlepack UltraChrome Pro 6 Photo Black T48U1 (350ml)

Introducing the C13T48U100 Epson Singlepack UltraChrome Pro 6 Photo Black Ink, the pinnacle of ink technology for professional-grade printing. As a pigment ink, it ensures deep, rich blacks and exceptional longevity, making it perfect for archival-quality prints. Moreover, compatible with Epson SureColor series printers, this ink delivers unparalleled results in large-format printing.

The single-pack C13T48U100 Photo Black Ink, belonging to the prestigious Epson T48 Ink series, is designed to produce outstanding results in Epson large format printers. Whether you are printing photographs, fine art, or graphic designs, this ink ensures stunning black tones with unparalleled depth and clarity. Designed for large-format printing, this ink cartridge is engineered to fulfill the requirements of high-resolution printing. Consequently, it produces sharp details and smooth gradients that captivate viewers. With its archival-quality pigments, your prints will resist fading and maintain their brilliance for generations to come.

Compatible Epson Printers

Below are the printers Epson recommends for achieving the best results.

We commit to providing global accessibility, and this ink cartridge exemplifies our commitment. Furthermore, with convenient delivery options spanning Dubai, the UAE, Oman, and the entire Middle East and Africa region, you can trust that we will meet your printing needs promptly and efficiently.

Elevate your printing experience with the C13T48U100 Epson Singlepack UltraChrome Pro 6 Photo Black Ink. Unlock the full potential of your Epson SureColor series printer and bring your creative vision to life. With stunning clarity and precision, achieve exceptional results.

Download the Epson safety data sheet for this specific ink here.


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Brand Epson
Container Type Ink Cartridges
Color  Photo Black
Capacity  350 ml
Package Dimension
Package Weight
SKU C13T48U100
Compatible Epson Printers
  • Epson SC-P8500D
  • Epson SC-P8500DM
  • Epson SC-P6500D
  • Epson SC-P6500DE
  • Epson SC-P6500E

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