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Unleash the power of precision with the Epson SureColor SC P7000 Large Format Printer. Experience consistent high-quality prints, accurate reproductions, and lasting results on various media. Boasting high-capacity ink cartridges, it ensures uninterrupted printing for extensive projects. Easy to use, this printer combines efficiency with user-friendly design, making it the ideal choice for professionals and beginners alike. Elevate your printing experience with the Epson SC P7000.

  • Professional Photo Printer (24-inch)
  • Epson TFP PrecisionCore Printhead
  • UltraChrome HDX 10-color Ink-Set
  • Automated Nozzle Check Function
  • Media Handling: Fine Art Paper Path, Roll Paper, Thick Media Support

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Epson SureColor P7000 for Fine Art Printing

Supreme Colour​

The Epson SureColor SC P7000 Large Format Printer is designed to produce prints with a wide color gamut and a high dynamic range. Consequently, it can reproduce a wide variety of colors correctly and with good clarity in both highlights and shadows. The SC P7000 Ink is available in 10 colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black, light light black, and violet. You can use these inks to achieve prints with PANTONE-approved coverage of up to 98% or 99%, depending on the arrangement.

Epson ink cartridges unit
Epson SC P7000 Ink Cartridges

Incredible Print Quality

The Epson SC P7000 is a high-quality inkjet printer with a TFP (Thin Film Piezo) head and VSDT (Variable-Sized Droplet Technology). This enables it to print at a resolution of 2880×1440 dpi.

Superior Image Stability

After a short period of drying, prints become water- and scratch-resistant. Additionally, its outstanding lightfastness allows you to keep the output for a long time.

Outstanding Black & White

You can print gallery-quality black-and-white photographs by automatically switching between photo and matte ink for output on various media types.

Easy to Use

The spindle-less roll media loading feature allows you to load rolls without a spindle, saving time and making the operation more efficient. The adjustable tension control allows you to adjust the tension on the roll media as needed. This can help guarantee that the media is fed smoothly and properly through the printer. The auto-media management technology assists in automatically adjusting the printer settings based on the kind of media used. This feature not only saves time but also reduces the chance of errors in the printing process. The heavy-duty auto cutter is useful for cutting printed media to the desired size when producing large numbers of copies.

With its integrated help system and color LCD control panel, the printer is simple to use and manage. You can connect to it quickly and easily due to its adaptable high-speed interfacing. These capabilities can improve the printer’s usability and efficiency, particularly in busy settings.

Epson Print Layout Software

The ability to print borderless pictures, the sophisticated gallery wrap feature, and the advanced black-and-white mode all contribute to the creation of high-quality prints. These prints may be customized and offer a range of alternatives. Professional photographers, graphic designers, and demanding users benefit from template layouts, ICC soft proofing, and color printing. These features enhance its suitability for high-quality printed goods. Those seeking a long-term, dependable solution for their printing needs may find the optional SpectroProofer and extended service packs useful.

Flexible and Easy to Operate

The Epson SC P7000 Printer is a high-quality, professional-grade printer that can handle a wide range of printing tasks. It supports a wide range of media and includes characteristics that allow it to handle both roll and sheet media. It also has an integrated folding output bin, which can help keep printed items organized and accessible. A barcode-based media system aids in tracking consumption and exchanges, valuable in high-volume work environments. It is simple to set up and operate due to the fast and flexible networking capabilities, large color LCD screen, and simple menu system. Additionally, the driver software is compatible with most operating systems. The pressurized ink cartridges and 1-year on-site warranty provide additional peace of mind. Overall, it is a reliable and efficient option for professional and commercial printing needs.

To learn more about the technical details of this printer, please refer to the attached product datasheet or visit the provided link: Product Support.

Supreme Imaging

Epson’s SureColor Prographics series, utilizing Thin Film MicroPiezo (TFP) head technology, delivers high-quality prints at a maximum resolution of 2880×1440 dpi. This technology controls the ink droplets with an electromechanical movement. As a result, it achieves more stable and uniform output while requiring less power and being more durable than heat-based systems. The printer also employs a 10-channel head with an advanced Look-Up Table (LUT). Furthermore, it features an 11-cartridge ink system with automatic matte and photo black changeover to maximize the dynamic range for different material types. Variable-size Droplet Technology (VSDT) is used in the printer to increase image quality while reducing ink usage.

The SureColor P series is colorimetrically calibrated during manufacturing. This calibration ensures that prints from multiple printers of the same model are consistently accurate. The ink has a color constancy level less than DeltaE 1.0, which means that printouts seem the same under varied lighting circumstances. The SpectroProofer, an optional spectrophotometer, provides extreme measurement accuracy and enables precision proofing and color management automation in operational workflows.

Epson P7000 Printer
Weight 195 kg
Dimensions 68 × 187 × 123 cm

Print Technology Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead
Ink Technology UltraChrome® HDX
Colors Light Black, Light Light Black, Photo Black, Matte Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Yellow, Vivid Magenta, Vivid Light Magenta, Orange, Green
Nozzle Configuration 360 Nozzles Black, 360 Nozzles per Color
Minimum Droplet Size 3.5 pl
Ink tank capacity 700 ml
Printing Resolution 2,880 x 1,440 DPI
Compatible Paper Thickness 0.08 mm - 1.5 mm
Paper Formats A0, A1, A2 (42.0x59.4cm), A3+, A3 (29.7x42.0 cm), A4 (21.0x29.7 cm), B1 (72.8x102.8 cm), B2 (51.4x72.8 cm), B3, B4, 17", 24", 44", User defined, B0
Product Dimensions 144 x 96 x 79
Product weight 145 kg
Package Dimension 187 x 68 x 123 cm (Width x Depth x Height)
Package Weight 195 kg
Sound Power Operation: 6.5 B (A)
Noise Level Operation (Roll): 47 dB (A)
Media Handling Fine Art, Roll Paper, Thick Media Support
Warranty 12 months of On-site service ( Terms & Condition Apply)
AED17,850.00 for 26 item(s)

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