C13T44QA40 Epson Singlepack Orange UltraChrome PRO 12 350ml Ink


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Refill your large-format printer with Epson’s Singlepack Orange T44QA40 UltraChrome PRO 12 350ml. Due to its pigment-based composition, this ink is suitable for presentation and archival applications and can produce prints that last up to 400 years in black and white when used with the right media.

  • Original Epson Consumable
  • Color: Orange
  • Capacity: 350 ml
  • SKU: C13T44QA40
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Singlepack Orange T44QA40 UltraChrome PRO 12 350ml

Introducing the C13T44QA40 Epson Singlepack Orange UltraChrome PRO 12 350ml Ink, a true game-changer in the world of professional printing. Designed with precision and innovation, this exceptional ink cartridge is the epitome of excellence, delivering unmatched quality and vibrant orange hues to your prints. Crafted for the discerning artist or photographer, the C13T44QA40 is the perfect companion for creating stunning visuals that captivate and inspire. With a generous capacity of 350 ml, this ink cartridge ensures a prolonged printing experience without the need for frequent replacements, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your creative process.

The UltraChrome PRO 12 technology sets this cartridge apart, guaranteeing impeccable color accuracy and exceptional detail reproduction. Moreover, with its advanced pigment-based formulation, this ink cartridge offers an impressive color gamut, giving life to every shade of orange with unparalleled brilliance and richness. Your prints will exude a level of vibrancy and depth that is simply breathtaking.

Not only does the C13T44QA40 excel in color quality, but it also boasts remarkable longevity. Its archival-grade properties ensure that your prints will resist fading and maintain their vibrancy for generations to come. Whether you’re showcasing your artwork or preserving precious memories, this ink cartridge ensures that your prints remain true to their original glory. Upgrade your printing capabilities with the C13T44QA40 Epson Singlepack Orange UltraChrome PRO 12 350ml Ink. Experience the pinnacle of color accuracy, longevity, and creative expression. Let your prints shine with the captivating brilliance that only this exceptional ink cartridge can provide. Unleash your artistic vision and make a statement with every stroke of your printer.

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You can download the safety data sheet for this specific Epson ink from here: Epson MSDS

SKU: C13T44QA40 Category: Tags: , ,
Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 2 cm

Brand Epson
Product Type Large Format Printer Ink
Container Type Inkjet Cartridge
Volume 350 ml
Product Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height in cm ) 5 x 11 x 2(in cm)
Weight 0.750 Kg
SKU C13T44QA40
EAN 8715946668833
Color Orange
Compatible Epson Printers SureColor SC-P9500 Spectro

SureColor SC-P9500

SureColor SC-P7500 Spectro

SureColor SC-P7500

Ink Type Pigment Based

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