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Epson SureColor P6000 printers are professional-grade wide-format printers developed primarily for printing graphics and pictures. They have an eight-color UltraChrome HD pigmented ink set and a PrecisionCore TFP print head, which together produce vibrant, detailed prints with a broad color gamut and outstanding color accuracy. These printers can print on a variety of diverse materials, such as cut sheets, roll media, and large poster boards, thanks to their sophisticated media handling abilities. They are perfect for use in many different applications, including printing fine art, printing photographs, and printing general-purpose graphics.

  • Professional 24″ wide printer
  • Large-format 8-color inkjet printing
  • Front-loading media with spindle-free roll adapters
  • Maximum Resolution: 2880 x 1440 dpi
  • One-year on-site warranty

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Key Features - SC P6000 Large Format Printer

Amazing Print Quality

The Epson SureColor SC P6000 large-format printer is a high-quality inkjet printer. Utilizing a TFP (Thin Film Piezo) print head with VSDT (Variable-sized Droplet Technology), it produces ultra-high-resolution prints with superior half-tones and optimized ink density. The TFP head is capable of producing ink droplets as small as 3.5 picoliters, which allows for extremely fine detail and smooth gradations. The VSDT technology enables the printer to adjust the size of the ink droplets it produces based on the specific requirements of the image being printed. This capability contributes to further enhancing print quality and consistency.

Epson P6000 Print Quality
Epson P8000 & P6000 Inkset

The Epson SC P6000 printer uses the high-quality pigment-based ink set, Epson Ultra Chrome HD. This ink is designed to produce prints with a wide color range, high dMax (maximum density), and excellent picture quality. The printing industry widely employs the Pantone color matching system as a standard for color communication. The UltraChrome HD ink is certified to cover 94% of the PANTONE color space, indicating that it can reproduce a wide range of colors with outstanding accuracy.

Outstanding Black & White

The Epson SC P6000 printer is meant for producing high-quality black-and-white prints suited for exhibition. One feature that contributes to this is the printer’s ability. Additionally, it can automatically switch between photo and matte ink when printing on different media types.

Simple to Use

Includes spindle-free roll media loading, a heavy-duty auto cutter, adjustable tension control, and a media management system for automatic media management. Offers integrated help and high-speed connections, as well as a color LCD control screen.

Excellent Image Stability

The Epson SC P6000 printer uses pigment-based inks, known for their light fastness, water resilience, and scratch resistance. When applied to the media, the ink penetrates the surface of the paper or other substrate, producing a bond with the fibers that is difficult to remove or harm. This protects the prints from water and other environmental elements, making them more durable in general.

The lightfastness of the ink indicates its resistance to fading or color shift when exposed to light over time. Photographers, fine artists, and other professionals, especially those who need to produce prints for extended display, consider this a significant concern.

Simple to Use

Includes spindle-free roll media loading, a heavy-duty auto-cutter, and adjustable tension control. Additionally, it features a media management system for automatic media management. Offers integrated help and high-speed connections, as well as a color LCD control screen.

Epson P6000 Printer Image Quality

Epson Print Layout Software

The plug-in is an effective tool for photographers and other creative workers who need to make high-quality prints from their digital photographs. Users have a lot of choices in terms of how they wish to exhibit their work. This is thanks to the options for printing single photographs or collections of images. It also includes selecting different border sizes and designs. Photographers who want to create prints suitable for framing find the sophisticated gallery wrap tool very helpful. This tool allows them to preview how the image will appear when wrapped around the frame and make any necessary adjustments.

The intuitive and consistent controls, including slider bars and color wheels, make it easy for users to make precise adjustments to the color and tone of their images. The different color modes and the Advanced Black and White mode give users a range of options for creating different finishes and moods in their prints. The addition of template layouts, as well as support for ICC soft proofing, color production, preview, custom media registration, and panorama layouts, expands the plugin’s capabilities. This makes it a versatile tool for a variety of printing applications.

To learn more about the technical details of this printer, please check the attached product datasheet or visit the provided link: Product Support.

Designed for Business

The Epson SureColor P6000 large-format printer functions effectively and affordably. It lowers the overall cost of ink usage. Moreover, it uses large, cost-effective Ink Cartridges that can hold up to 700 cc of ink and consume low power. If consumers need more storage space, they can opt for the optional feature of a 320 GB hard drive. Additionally, the design of the printer necessitates less user upkeep, reducing the time and labor required to maintain its proper operation.

Versatile Operation

A wide-format printer accommodates sheets and rolls up to 24 inches wide, handling diverse media. Additionally, it can print borderless and edge-to-edge on paper up to 1.5mm thick. Industries demanding superior large-format printing, such as graphic arts and printing, frequently use this type of printer. Users commonly employ it for printing wallpaper, murals, backdrops, banners, posters, trade show graphics, and other large-scale visuals.

Supreme Imaging

The Epson SureColor P6000 is a high-quality inkjet printer that is part of the SureColor Prographics range. Epson’s Thin Film MicroPiezo (TFP) print head technology, known for its high resolution and superior print quality, powers these printers. The TFP head uses an electro-mechanical movement to produce ink droplets. This approach is gentler on the ink chemistry and allows for more stable output compared to heat-based mechanisms used by some competing printers. The TFP head also consumes less power, is more flexible, and more durable than other types of print heads.

The SC P6000 has a print head with 8 channels. Moreover, it comes with an advanced Look-Up Table (LUT) and a 9-cartridge supply system that automatically switches between matte and photo black. This functionality helps optimize the dynamic range of different media types. The printers also utilize Epson’s Variable-size Droplet Technology (VSDT) to enhance image quality. This technology provides superior half-tones and optimized color density while minimizing ink consumption.  A special coating on the head, combined with self-monitoring, cleaning, and alignment systems, helps to ensure predictable, consistent, and reliable output. Consequently, this occurs with minimal user maintenance.

The SureColor P6000’s UltraChrome HD ink is an aqueous (water-based) all-pigment formulation that creates prints with an excellent color gamut. The HD set includes upgraded matte and photo black formulas that deliver a higher Dmax. This results in brighter prints with an enhanced tonal range in both black-and-white and color. The ink dries rapidly and becomes water and scratch-resistant. The ink set includes light and light-light black ink for a good balance with neutral grays, reduced bronzing, and color casts/color twists. Additionally, it contains Vivid Magenta ink for brighter blues and pinks. There is also a new Yellow Ink with greater UV protection for improved picture stability. The ink set covers a staggering 94% of the PANTONE color pallet.

Flexible and Easy to Operate

The Epson SureColor P6000 is a floor-standing printer designed for professional and commercial applications. It features a wide carriage measuring 24 inches (610 mm) in width and comes with an integrated folding output bin. The printer can handle various types of media, such as basic bond paper, photo and fine art paper, transparent film, translucent back-lit film, canvas, and specialist synthetics. It is equipped with a spindle-less roll media mounting system for fast and easy loading of media rolls. Additionally, it includes an automatic skew adjustment feature to ensure accurate printing. The printer also features a high-speed auto-cutter capable of cutting most types of media, including canvas.

In addition to supporting roll media, the SC P6000 also supports sheet media. It has a straight-through paper path that is capable of handling solid boards up to 1.5 mm thick. It can print edge-to-edge on both sheet and roll media and is capable of printing full borderless prints on roll stocks. The printer ships with one roll media adapter set that supports rolls with either 2-inch or 3-inch cores. Alternatively, additional sets can be purchased separately for environments that involve high-volume work and/or multiple media types. Optional roll paper belts are also available to help maintain tension in rolls during storage.

The SC P6000 features a barcode-based media management system. This system helps track consumption on individual rolls and facilitates rapid exchange with automatic reconfiguration for different media types. The printer is designed to facilitate volume production, ensuring consistent results and reliable operation. Additionally, it includes a standard 1-year on-site warranty that users can extend through optional service packs. These service packs are available for purchase either concurrently with the printer or separately. The printer offers fast and flexible networking facilities (1000Base-T) and supports most operating systems. It features an LCD screen with an easy-to-follow menu system and built-in help, and it can be configured remotely.

Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 147 × 78 × 110 cm

Printing Technology Advanced PrecisionCore TFP 10-channel, drop-on-demand printhead with ink-repelling coating technology
Ink Type UltraChrome HD pigment ink; 9-ink, 8-color (C, LC, VM, VLM, Y, LK, LLK, and PK or MK)
Nozzle Configuration Color and Monochrome heads; 360 Nozzles x 8
EAN 8715946607337
SKU C11CE41301A0
Printer Speed 16" x 20" prints from 2:02 to 6:58; normal is 4:16 20" x 30" prints from 3:40 to 12:25; normal is 7:36 40" x 60" prints from 11:15 to 40:05; normal is 24:20
Single Top-loading Roll 24" wide
Product Dimensions (W x D x H) 136 x 67 x 122 in cm
Product Weight: 101 kg
Package Dimension 147 x 78 x 110
Package Weight 145
Limited Warranty and Service Standard one-year Warranty ( Terms & Condition Apply)
AED13,440.00 for 20 item(s)

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