Epson SureColor SC-T7200 44” Large Format Printer


The Epson SureColor SC-T7200 is a wide format printer designed for use in high-volume graphics, CAD, and GIS production environments. It uses UltraChrome XD ink and Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP printheads, which are made to produce high-quality prints with a broad color gamut and good print durability. The printer can print on a variety of media types, including fine art papers, clear film & canvas, and it has a quick print speed. Additionally, it has strong image processing capabilities that can help guarantee reliable and consistent print results. PrecisionCore TFP printheads are designed to be long-lasting and do not need to be replaced, which can help reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Overall, the Epson SureColor SC-T7200 is a high-performance printer that is well-suited for use in professional print environments that require fast, high-quality prints.

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Explore the Features of Epson SureColor SC-T7200 Large Format Printer

High Productivity

Large format B0 size images can be printed on the Epson SureColor SC-T7200 Large Format Printer in as little as 70 seconds. This is made possible by its quick print time and potent image processing abilities, which enable it to quickly and effectively produce prints of high quality. The printer also has an integrated high-speed auto-cutter, which can help to boost productivity by making cutting printed media more effective and precise. This can be especially helpful for companies that need to regularly produce large amounts of prints because it enables quick turnaround times & minimizes downtime. The Epson SureColor SC-T7200 is an extremely productive printer that is ideal for busy production settings that demand quick, high quality prints.

High Flexibility

The Epson SureColor SC-T7200 Large Format Printer is capable of handling a wide range of media types and sizes, including roll paper, cut sheets, and thick boards up to 44 inches wide. It also has the ability to produce borderless output on a variety of sizes and has a media bin with the option of flat or folded presentation.

High Productivity & Flexibility - SC-T7200
High Precision & Quality - SC-T7200 Printer

High Precision

The resolution of 2880×1440 dpi refers to the number of dots per inch that a printer is capable of producing. This high resolution can produce very detailed and accurate prints, especially when combined with a high-quality print head like the Epson PrecisionCore™. The VSDT (Variable Sized Droplet Technology) helps to optimize the application of ink by producing droplets of various sizes, which can help to improve the quality of fills & halftones in prints

High Quality

Epson SC-T7200 UltraChrome XD ink is an all-pigment ink formulation developed by Epson for use in its wide format printers. It is intended to produce prints of the highest quality that are waterproof and scratch-resistant and have accurate, consistent, and vibrant colors. The ink is made with pigments rather than dyes, which makes it more durable & resistant to fading over time. A wider range of colors can be accurately reproduced in prints thanks to its ability to produce a wide color gamut.

High Reliability

The Epson SureColor SC-T7200 Large Format Printer has a reliable design and construction, so it should last a long time. The fact that it comes with a “heads-n-all” warranty that can be extended for up to three years is also a plus, as it shows that the manufacturer is confident in the product’s quality and reliability. A warranty is a type of insurance that pays for the repair or replacement of a product in the event that it malfunctions because of a manufacturing flaw or another problem. The manufacturer provides a high level of support and protection for the product by providing a heads-and-all warranty that can be extended up to three years. This can be especially useful for businesses that rely on the printer for their operations, as it can help to minimize downtime & ensure that the printer is available when needed.

Epson SC-T7200 LFP

High Convenience

The LED control panel with integrated help may provide user-friendly control and guidance for operating the printer. The all-front loading consumables feature may allow for easy access and replacement of supplies, such as ink or toner, from the front of the printer. The spindle-less roll mounting feature may allow for quick and easy loading and unloading of roll media, such as paper or film. The Barcode Roll Media Management system may allow the printer to track and manage the use of different roll media by using barcodes, which may help to streamline the printing process and reduce the risk of errors.

Space-Saving Installation

The printer has a compact size and can be installed and operated in a variety of locations. A small footprint may make the printer easy to fit into a range of spaces, such as a small office or a crowded work area. The ability to be installed and operated against a wall or in a corner may allow for greater flexibility in terms of placement, as it can be placed in areas where space is limited. This type of printer may be ideal for users who need a compact, versatile printing solution that can be easily integrated into their work environment.

Cost Effective Operation

The printer is designed to be efficient and cost-effective to operate. Low ink consumption may help to reduce the frequency of ink or toner replacement, which can lower the overall cost of ownership for the printer. Low power consumption may also help to reduce energy costs and may be beneficial for users who are looking to minimize their carbon footprint. The large waste tank may allow for longer periods of continuous operation before the tank needs to be emptied, which may be convenient for users who need to print a large volume of materials. Individual color cartridges in sizes up to 700ml may allow users to replace only the colors that have been depleted, rather than replacing an entire cartridge, which may help to save money & reduce waste. These features may be particularly useful for users who need to print large volumes of materials on a regular basis.

Performance Workgroup Support

The high-speed Gigabit Ethernet connection may allow for fast data transfer and may be suitable for networked environments where multiple users need to access the printer. The optional 320GB hard drive may allow for continuous multi-user operation & rapid direct reprinting of documents, which may be useful for users who need to produce a high volume of prints on a regular basis. The inclusion of remote management software may allow users to monitor and manage the printer remotely, which may be convenient for users who need to manage multiple printers or who are located remotely from the printer

Quality Results at High Speed

The advanced design, precision components, and fine tolerance robotic assembly may help to ensure that these printers produce high-quality prints with minimal error or downtime. The fast printing speed, accurate media transport & low noise operation may make these printers suitable for use in high-volume printing environments where speed and efficiency are important. The Thin Film print heads with micro-fine nozzles and the Variable-size Droplet Technology may allow these printers to produce prints with high resolution, fine detail, and accurate color reproduction, which may be useful for applications such as point-of-sale materials, displays, and presentations. The UltraChrome Ink, with its all-pigment construction and extended gamut, may provide prints with vibrant color, solid and consistent fills, and crisp text and lines, while also being resistant to scratch and moisture damage when applied to quality media. The inclusion of both a matte & photo black ink may allow these printers to produce prints with a range of finishes, depending on the output requirement.

Easy to Install and Flexible to Operate

These printers may be compatible with standard Macintosh and Windows applications, as well as specialized CAD, GIS, and mathematical applications. They may be designed for convenient operation, with all-front loaded consumables and a compact design that allows for operation against a wall or in a corner. The printers may also offer remote email error and job status notification, a high degree of self-maintenance, and built-in help. The floor-standing configurations may come with a stand and media bin with adjustable output presentation, while the single roll models may feature an adjustable bin that holds up to 20 sheets with flat or folded display. The dual roll models may have an extra-large bin that can be stowed when not in use. An optional auto take-up reel may be available for the T7200 model to enable high-volume roll-to-roll production. The printers may also ship with a suite of applications designed to enhance operational ease and management flexibility, including a desktop and web-based control utility, an email system for remote job status and error reporting, and an optional accounting tool for cost control and simplified job billing. For workgroup environments, an optional 320GB hard drive may provide fast and cost-effective job spooling with flexible queue management, predictive consumables analysis & rapid direct reprinting.

SC-T7200 Printer Technical Support

Weight 146 kg
Dimensions 81.6 × 197.8 × 104.0 cm

Printing Method PrecisionCore™ TFP print head
Printing Resolution 2.880 x 1.440 dpi
Ink Technology Ultrachrome® XD aqueous pigment ink
Maximum Printing Speed 28 sec/A1 on Plain paper
Nozzle Configuration 720 Nozzles black, 720􀀀Nozzles per colour
Minimum Droplet Size 3,5 pl, With Variable-Sized Droplet Technology
Colours Photo Black, Matte Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta
Paper Formats A0, A1, A2, A3+, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, 17 " (43.2 cm), 24 " (61.0 cm), 44 " (111.8 cm)
Compatible Paper Thickness 0,08 mm - 1,5 mm
LCD screen Type: Color, Diagonal: 6,8 cm
Product dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 160.8x81.3x 112.8 cm
Product weight 92 Kg
Package Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 197.8 x 81.6 x 104.0 cm
Package Weight 146 Kg
SKU C11CD68301A0
EAN 8715946542195
Warranty 12 Months On-site Service (Terms & Conditions Apply)
What’s In The Box
  • Driver and utilities (CD)
  • Individual Ink Cartridges
  • Main unit
  • Power cable
  • Setup guide
  • User manual (CD)
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