Epson SureColor SC P8000 Inkjet Printer Spectro


The Epson SC-P8000 is a wide-format printer designed for photo, fine art, and premium poster production. It supports a wide range of standard and specialist media in roll and sheet formats and uses a PrecisionCore Thin Film (TFP) head with variable-sized droplet technology to produce high-resolution prints with superior fidelity and tonal gradation. The printer uses Epson’s UltraChrome HD all-pigment aqueous ink, which is known for its accurate color and enhanced gamut, Dmax, and image durability. It has an 8-color ink configuration with three levels of black, allowing it to produce color and black-and-white prints with a 94% PANTONE coverage. The cartridges come in sizes to suit various levels of use and cost-per-print requirements. A SpectroProofer (ILS30) is available for precision color management and ISO standard proofing work.

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Epson SureColor SC-P8000: Superior Color Accuracy

Epson Epson SC P8000 Printer Spectro: The SureColor Prographics range from Epson utilizes Thin Film MicroPiezo head technology. It has a maximum print resolution of 2880×1440 dpi. Unlike other printing mechanisms that rely on heat, the TFP uses an electro-mechanical movement that is gentler on ink chemistry, resulting in better imaging and more stable output. Additionally, it consumes less power and is more flexible and durable. The printer features micro-fine drop-on-demand nozzles for superior dot shaping, reduced overspray, precise placement, and volume/density control. The SC P8000 model features a head with 8 channels, an advanced LUT (look-up table), and a 9-cartridge supply system. This system includes automatic matte/photo black switching to optimize dynamic range on different media types.

The printer also incorporates VSDT (variable-size droplet technology) for enhanced image quality with superior half-tones and optimized color density while minimizing ink consumption. Moreover, the printer’s coated head, along with self-monitoring, cleaning, and alignment systems, ensures reliable output, requiring minimal user maintenance.

The text describes a type of ink called UltraChrome HD, which is an improvement from Epson’s previous HDR/K3 ink. UltraChrome HD uses a water-based pigment formulation that produces prints with a wide range of colors and dries quickly while being resistant to water and scratches. The ink set includes improved formulations for both matte and photo black. Additionally, it features light and light-light black ink for neutral greys and reduced bronzing and color casts. It also includes Vivid Magenta for brighter blues and pinks and a new yellow ink that provides improved UV resistance for better image stability. When used together, the ink set can cover 94% of the PANTONE® color palette.

Epson SC-P8000 Printer Technical Support & Driver

Flexible and Easy to Operate

The Epson SureColor P8000 Large-Format Inkjet Printer is a printer that stands on the floor and has a carriage that is 44 inches wide. It comes with a folding output bin and can handle a variety of media types, including paper, film, canvas, and synthetic materials. The printer efficiently handles roll media with quick mounting, automatic skew adjustment, and a high-speed auto-cutter for various media. Additionally, it can support sheet media and can handle solid boards up to 1.5mm thick. The printer offers edge-to-edge printing on both sheet and roll media, and it can print fully borderless on rolls. It comes with one roll media adapter set that supports rolls with either 2” or 3” cores, but additional sets can be ordered separately.

Optional roll-paper belts are available to help maintain tension in rolls during storage. Additionally, a barcode-based media management system is implemented to track consumption on individual rolls. An optional auto-take-up system is available for roll-to-roll printing and offline/automated post-production.

Key Features : SC-P8000 Large Format Spectro Printer

  • UltraChrome HD pigment Inks: deliver excellent Pantone®-certified colors
  • Epson TFP PrecisionCore Printhead: Guarantee reliable output of high quality and consistent outcomes.
  • Superior Lightfastness: Prints on Premium Glossy Photo Paper can endure up to 60 years.
  • Up to 44” Printing: This wide-format inkjet printer is capable of printing outputs up to 44 inches in size.
  • SC-P8000 Ink cartridges: High-capacity cartridge Print runs between replacements are longer.
  • Easy to use: Spindle-free media loading and a clear LCD control panel

Wide color gamut

The Epson SC P8000 Printer Spectro can produce a wide range of Pantone®-certified colors actively. It achieves this through its UltraChrome HD 8-color pigment ink set, resulting in very accurate output with vibrant colors. Its advanced black-and-white mode helps create high-density, deep, rich blacks, and ultra-smooth tones for outstanding prints.

Reliable and efficient

Users can be confident they will produce the highest-quality results by using an Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead and an automated nozzle-check function. The Epson Color Calibration Utility and optional Spectroproofer, powered by X-Rite for quick and precise color measuring, ensure consistent color reproduction. This is achieved over and over again without the need for pricey add-ons.

Weight 195 kg
Dimensions 107 × 200 × 82 cm

Print Technology Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead
Ink Technology Ultrachrome® HD
Colors Vivid Light Magenta, Vivid Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Cyan, Matte Black, Photo Black, Light Light Black, Light Black
Nozzle Configuration 360 Nozzles black, 360 Nozzles per color
EAN 8715946606699
Minimum Droplet Size 3,5 pl
Paper Formats A0, A1, A2, A3+, A3, A4, B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, 17 " (43.2 cm), 24 " (61.0 cm), 44 " (111.8 cm), User-defined
Product Dimensions 186 x 68 x 122 cm (Width x Depth x Height)
Product Weight 135 kg
Package Dimensions 200 x 107 x 82 cm  (Width x Depth x Height)
Package Weight 195 kg
SKU C11CE42301A2
  What's In The Box
  • SureColor P-Series Printer
  • Printer Stand with Catch Basket
  • Spindle-free Roll Media Adaptors
  • Set of nine 110 ml initial ink cartridges
  • Ink Maintenance Tank(s) (installed)
  • AC Power Cable
  • User Guide Kit (Documentation and Warranty)
  • Software is provided via download
  • Sample roll - Epson Doubleweight Matte Paper for print head alignments
Warranty One-year Warranty (Terms & Conditions Apply)
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